Change Log

This page lists changes made to the station and this web site.

Date Change Details
16 August 2021 Added a new page planetary rise/set times to aid with planning planetary observing.
Renamed a number of astronomy related pages.
Upgraded to WeeWX v4.6.0b1.
1 June 2021 Upgraded to WeeWX v4.6.0a4.
31 May 2021 Upgraded to WeeWX v4.6.0a3.
3 April 2021 Upgraded to WeeWX v4.5.1.
7 January 2021 Removed 'Contact Us' link.
5 January 2021 Upgraded to WeeWX v4.3.0.
Performed annual eight yearly clean on the ISS.
Replaced solar radiation sensor, ISS rear clam shell cover, antenna grommet and shelter housing retainer clip.
Installed daytime FARS.
Installed tipping bucket upgrade.
Installed Sensiron SHT31 based TH sensor.
30 December 2020 Upgraded to WeeWX v4.3.0b3.
2 December 2020 Replaced rain gauge cone with an AeroCone.
Solar radiation sensor has failed.
17 June 2020 Upgraded to WeeWX v4.1.1.
3 May 2020 Upgraded WeeWX machine to Raspbian Buster.
Upgraded to WeeWX v4.0.0 and now running under Python 3.7.
17 February 2020 Upgraded to WeeWX v4.0.0b12 and now running under Python 3.5.
1 February 2020 Upgraded to WeeWX v4.0.0b11.
22 April 2019 Removed whos online script, flag counter and associated pages.
7 February 2019 Upgraded to WeeWX v3.9.1.
5 February 2019 Rebuilt WeeWX machine and installed WeeWX v3.9.0b3.
31 December 2018 Forecast page now displays forecast data provided by Dark Sky.
15 December 2018 Dashboard forecast data now provided by Dark Sky.
6 December 2018 Upgraded to WeeWX v3.9.0a5.
27 October 2018 Added Astronomy menu item.
Added lunar rise/set time and 2 star alignment pages under the Astronomy menu item.
16 August 2018 Upgraded to WeeWX v3.8.2.
16 February 2018 Upgraded to WeeWX v3.8.0.
Replaced weather station computer (weeWX server). Now using a Raspberry Pi 3B running Raspbian Stretch in place of a Hardkernel Odroid U3 running Debian Jessie.
11 June 2017 Fixed issue with whos-online page that was causing maps to be displayed incorrectly.
5 June 2017 Minor change to Change Log page layout.
3 June 2017 Added Alternate Sites menu item to allow viewing of station data on either the weeWX Standard site or the newly developed weeWX Seasons dashboard.
1 June 2017 Site now uses HTTPS thoughout and the domain (I think all of the necessary changes have been made including redirects, I guess time will tell.)
23 March 2017 Upgraded to WeeWX v3.7.1.
13 March 2017 Upgraded to WeeWX v3.7.0.
8 January 2017 Restored Monthly Averages Graph page (wxaverages.php) which seemed to have gone missing in action.
9 November 2016 Upgraded to WeeWX v3.6.2.
31 October 2016 Upgraded SteelSeries Weather Gauges to v2.5.16.
22 October 2016 Upgraded to WeeWX v3.6.1.
Fixed weewx config issue that prevented WU forecast data being downloaded. Saratoga based forecast page now operates correctly but forecast on native weewx home page remains out of action due to a separate issue.
8 October 2016 Upgraded to WeeWX v3.6.0.
7 August 2016 Fixed failure to display windrose plot on Weather Trends Summary page (Reports -> Trend Summary).
Fixed weewx template error that caused month and year UV highs to be incorrectly displayed as N/A.
3 May 2016 Upgraded to WeeWX v3.5.0.
Upgraded weather station computer from Debian Wheezy to Debian Jessie.
Fixed numerous issues resulting from operating system upgrade. Numerous other issues yet to be addressed.
16 April 2016 Upgraded Highcharts/Highstock to v4.2.4
5 March 2016 Added 'update' time to Monthly Averages Graph
9 December 2015 Fixed numerous gremlins that seem to have re-appeared in the dashboard:
- day windrun no longer has double units of measure
- storm rain no longer displays invalid storm rain start date if there has been no storm rain
- unit conversion now works for all fields
7 December 2015 Upgraded to WeeWX v3.3.1.
14 November 2015 Gizmo now displays 'Calm' if average wind speed is 0.0 or not defined.
13 November 2015 Cutover to rebuilt Raspberry Pi web server running Raspbian Jessie.
15 July 2015 Upgraded to WeeWX v3.2.0.
24 April 2015 Dashboard (wxindex.php) now displays in metric or imperial units.
Implemented a heavily customised version of the 'Alternate Dashboard' script from Burnsville Weather LIVE. Main customisations were due to the heavility customised dashboard in use as well as implementing unit conversion functions for mouseover text (tooltips) and various custom fields.
Also added unit conversion compatible thermometer graphic (thermometer.php) from Bronberg Weather Station
31 March 2015 Revised Dashboard (wxindex.php).
Main change is making dashboard wider (in pixels) to allow a 3.5 column layout. Dashboard now uses three broad bands or 'rows'; at-a-glance temperature, current conditions and forecast in top 'row'; other observations in middle 'row' and records/other obsevations at bottom 'row'.
Added Chandler Burning Index and graphic.
Added additional rain statistics (month and year to date rainfall/averages/difference.
Added space for 'Today's Records' when implemented.
17 March 2015 Revised 'Graphs', 'Observations' page (wxgraphs.php). Previous day, week, month and year Highcharts graphs have been replaced with week and year Highstock graphs. Week graphs plot recorded observations with no aggregation. Year graphs plot aggregated observations using an aggregation period of 1 day.
7 March 2015 Validated site using the W3C validator. Each page is now either XHTML 1.0 Transitional or HTML5 compliant (as applicable).
6 March 2015 Implemented 'Whos Online' script/pages from Long Beach Weather.
17 February 2015 Added 'Station Highs, Lows and Averages' page (wxhiloavg.php) based upon the 'High/Low/Averages' script from Burnsville Weather Live.
11 February 2015 Added 'umbrella' icon on dashboard to indicate when it is actually raining.
Implemented Steelseries Gauges v2.5.1
10 February 2015 First cut parser for testtags.php and clientraw family of files. Some work still to be done to implement mouseover descriptions for fields in some files.
22 January 2015 Added Davis stormstart and stormrain to the dashboard.
17 January 2015 Reworked 'Graphs', 'Observations' page (wxgraphs.php). Tweaked tooltips etc. Added a calculated max solar radiation plot to day radiation plot.