Observations as of 6 December 2021 22:00  
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20.8°C 0.9°C colder than one hour ago
Feels like: 23.7°C
Currently: 20.8, Max: 27.6, Min: 18.6
1hr difference
-0.9°C 0.9°C cooler than one hour ago
24hr difference
-0.5°C 0.5°C colder than yesterday at this time
High Today
at 11:03
Low Today
at 05:16
High Yesterday
at 12:48
Low Yesterday
at 04:36
Current Conditions
Mostly cloudy Mostly cloudy
Calm Calm

0 - Calm
Current Rain 0.0mm since Midnight
0.0mm since 9am
Current UV Index 0.0 UV Index 0.0
Chandler Burning Index: LOW Chandler Burning Index
0 of 100
Monday Monday. Mostly cloudy throughout the day. Chance of precipitation (rain) 40%. High: 27°C. Low: 20°C. Wind SE 11->30 km/h. UV Index 7.
Tuesday Tuesday. Overcast throughout the day. Chance of precipitation (rain) 30%. High: 29°C. Low: 20°C. Wind ESE 7->16 km/h. UV Index 6.
Wednesday Wednesday. Rain starting in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation (rain) 80%. High: 30°C. Low: 19°C. Wind NNE 6->17 km/h. UV Index 7.
Thursday Thursday. Rain in the evening and overnight. Chance of precipitation (rain) 80%. High: 31°C. Low: 19°C. Wind NE 8->35 km/h. UV Index 10.
Friday Friday. Clear throughout the day. Chance of precipitation (rain) 60%. High: 30°C. Low: 18°C. Wind ENE 7->25 km/h. UV Index 10.
Saturday Saturday. Mostly cloudy throughout the day. Chance of precipitation (rain) 20%. High: 29°C. Low: 20°C. Wind SE 13->33 km/h. UV Index 7.
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Apparent Temperature
Current: 23.7°C Falling 3.3°C/hr
Todays High: 31.6°C at 10:52
Todays Low: 18.6°C at 03:39
Heat Index
Current: 21.2°C Falling 2.8°C/hr
Todays High: 29.5°C at 11:03
Yest High: 29.7°C at 11:47
Wind Chill
Current: 20.8°C Falling 2.8°C/hr
Todays Low: 18.6°C at 05:16
Yest Low: 18.6°C at 04:36
Dew Point
Current: 18.2 Decreased 0.7°C in the last hour.
Last Hour: 0.7°C Decreased 0.7°C in the last hour.
Todays High: 21.4°C at 11:29
Todays Low: 16.1°C at 04:06
Today: 0.0mm
Since 9am: 0.0mm
Rate: 0.0mm/hr
Storm Rain: 0.0mm
Yesterday: 0.2mm
Last 7 Days: 171.2mm
December rain: 57.6mm
December average: 71.5mm
Diff from average: 13.9mm 13.9mm less than December average
Diff from MTD average: 41.4mm 41.4mm greater than MTD average
2021 rain: 1471.4mm
Year to date average: 906.8mm
Diff from YTD average: 564.6mm 564.6mm greater than YTD average
1 day since last rain
4 rain days in December
126 rain days in 2021
Todays Gust: 18km/h at 08:33
Todays Windrun: 63.7km
Month Gust: 23km/h on 05 December
Month Windrun: 247.6km
Year Gust: 55km/h on 10 July
Year Windrun: 15717.1km
Current: 1015.5hPa Rising Slowly 1.2hPa/3 hrs
3 Hour Trend: Rising Slowly
Todays High: 1016.4hPa at 08:59
Todays Low: 1012.9hPa at 15:55
Current: 85% Increased 1.0% since last hour.
Last Hour: 1% Increased 1.0% since last hour.
Todays High: 88% at 06:18%
Todays Low: 65% at 11:02%
Cloud Base
Cloudbase 365m (319m AGL)
All Time Records
High Temp
4 January 2014
Low Temp
9 July 2014
Warmest Night
26 January 2015
Coldest Day
21 June 2013
High Daily Rain
1 May 2015
High Rain Rate
28 March 2018
High Wind
15 March 2019
High Daily Windrun
1 January 2013
Console Voltage: 4.9
Rx Check Percent: 100%
Current: 0.0mm
Last 7 Days: 27.1mm
December Total: 23.6mm
Solar Radiation
Current: (0%) 0W/m²
Todays High: 1550W/m² at 11:36
Yest High: 1494W/m² at 11:31
Ultraviolet Index
Current: 0.0  None 
Todays High: 7.9  High  at 11:35
Yest High: 7.4  High  at 11:41
Ultraviolet Index Forecast
6 Dec 7 Dec 8 Dec
Rise: 04:45
Set: 18:32
Day Length: 13:47:16
(which is 0:37 longer than yesterday)
Rise: 06:15
Set: 20:49
Prev New Moon: 4 December
First Quarter: 11 December
Full Moon: 19 December
Last Quarter: 27 December
New Moon: 3 January
Waxing crescent

Waxing crescent, Moon at 2 days in cycle

7% Illuminated
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